The story so far…

Hi guys!

I am Abhijeet Nikam and I am working on the API for the Active Mail composer for this GSoC 2014! So why do we need this new API for our composer? We do have an existing funtional composer, but it is widget based. This does not go well with the intended design, which is a mail application for touch devices. Widget based API does not give the right feel for touch devices. So, we will be building an API obviously, in Qt C++ and expose it using QML!

So far, with Michael and Kevin, I have implemented a basic composer which receives the basic input, a receiver model which is being tested and yes, we have the send code which can send the mail! We luckily also have a ready to use attachment model, which will soon be integrated to send the attachments.

The message can be sent like this in QML:

Mail.Composer {

id: composer

name: “someone”

to: “”

from: “”

subject: “My mail”



MouseArea {

onClicked: composer.send()



So, now when you click on the mouse area, someone does receive the mail!


Its really exciting to implement something like this. But never would have been possible without Michael’s help. Already have learned loads from him. And I never believed people like this can exist who can just have a glance at your code and pin point where you have gone wrong, until I experienced it – thanks Kevin for the reviews 🙂 There’s still lot to be done. We have our wiki page, so you all can have a glance and see what me and Michael are up to –


That’s it for now, will keep updating as we implement more features!






Hooray! I’m a GSoC’er with KDE :)

Hello everyone!

I am Abhijeet Nikam, a sophomore from Coimbatore, India. I am one of the few lucky ones to be selected for GSoC 2014 and will be working with Michael Bohlender, Kevin Krammer and the PIM community this summer!

My project deals with implementing the API for composing mails in Active Mail ( a Kontact Touch application ) and redesign the composer’s UI/UX for a more touch friendly interface. So I will be coding in Qt-C++ for the API part and the interface part will be designed using QML. I will be having couple of meetings with my mentors after which I will begin coding sessions.

I am really excited to be a part of the KDE team and would take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for guiding me throughout the process, for their feedbacks and patiently answering my questions every time – you guys are awesome!

I’ll update everyone about my progress in the future posts. Really looking forward to do something purposeful this summer and continue my recent affair with KDE for a long time to come 🙂